Mindful Walking

We went on a mindful walking exercise in class. Walking in almost complete silence was very relaxing. I could feel everything under my feet.  I could feel the pavement at first. My boots Kind of rolling when my foot took the next step. When I made the made the transition from pavement and grass I could again feel it in my feet again. Only this time it was a softer feel. Walking up hull made my legs slightly tighter as my muscles worked a little harder. I could hear everything I stepped on. I could hear all the little dead plants break as my foot split them over. The wind pierced my face. My nose could feel the cold wind pierced my face. My nose could feel the file wind better.than anything else. As I took breathes in from my nose the cold air made my nostrils feel as though they were being dipped in ice. As my body started to feel the cold as we waked my left knee became stiff as it usually does in cold weather. I felt the old wooden fence. It was wet from the nightly due. The fence was not only wet but but it also had moss growin on it. The moss was rough and looked amazing all along the fence with patches of old weathered wood. As we walked down the hill I could feel the pressure being put on the front of my legs until I was all the way down the hill. I was so relaxed that when vehicle with a barking dog passed I jumped from fright. The bark seemed so much louder. Again my feet could feel the transition of pavement to grass and back again twice. By the end of our walk my front of my legs were freezing in my pants.

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