Mindful Walking

It’s built in quite an amazing way, the human body I mean. Millions of tiny atoms compressed together as a whole creature. The same atoms that build the trees, the grass, the sky, and the air. The remarkable human body. Able to carry its own weight plus the force of gravity. That great force of the heavens holding us to the earth. Oh the Earth. The soft grass, the spiky needles of the pine needles, fallen to the ground in a bed for birds, deer, little gray squirrels. But the earth is not all natural beauty. It is full of things human created. The roads, fences, buildings, and cars. So loud, noisy, incapable of seeing or feeling. Inanimate objects just plastered into the beautiful paining of Earth. To see it all is quite the feat, but to go become a part of it is something entirely new. To step foot into nature, to observe Earth is a rare, prized treat. To pass from the steam hardened asphalt, colored black, painted with neat orderly lines of yellow, to pass from that onto soft, wet, frest earth brings about a feeling of euphoria. It gives the nostolgic feel of being a young child again–running about the school yard in a pack of others, not bothering with the mud onf your jeans or the hair flying about your face, un-pinned by the winds. But that’s just the feeling of soft groud. The things you hear are much more moving, given the correct setting. Because to see the veed flock of geese, heading away for winter in a warmer climate could make you think of your wish to hibernate away from the world, to hibernate like a grizzly bear, all fattened up on collected berries, fish, and greens obtained in the fall. Snuggled deep into a cave, hidden in the forest from the bitter colds soon to come. Ah the bitter cold. The snow and ice of a winter in Norther Michigan. To choose to bare it out and confine to feet of snow for months must be mad, mad some say. But that is beauty itself. Crystalline white, sparkling in the fresh fallen wonder, it is almost too perfect. The snow that is. But it is not left untouched. Children frolic in it, dogs pee and eat it. “Don’t put the yellow stuff in your mouth” we were told, but it made for excellent snowballs on our enemies. Being sprayed with a yellow snowball and running into the house to cry to momma and be fixed hot cocoa with whipped topping. To be held and sung to until asleep for a nap. A nap full of dreams of and Earth now barren of white crystals, but full of lush, green grass, shooting up. Full of new life and bugs, ants, grasshoppers, beetles. So full of newness.

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