Mindful Walking

Death. The very existence of live being extinguished with the changing seasons and air. From green to dead everything changes. Trash, pollutants and people are no help to Mother Nature. Time keeps ticking and people don’t care.

My cold body struggles up steep hills. But I know how to talk. Pushing on, it gets a work out. Its not that I am not in shape – but I’m a different shape than I usually am.

9 months pregnant with a baby boy!

My body tries to compensate for the change.

Balance is hard. Tough. But possible. I make due. Climbing is the real challenge. Hills are the enemy! But we manage and press on listening to the geese overhead.

Finally crossing paths with life.

Deer trails and a deer bed.

Optimism strikes me hard.

If the deer can make her bed in a hidden field, find food, water and protection, all while the polluted world fights her and hunts her, what is stopping me?

I always feel conquered.

If she can win, why can’t I?

What is stopping me?

The real world is about more than climbing dead, wet hills in the beginning of December.

It is a fight for life.

I need to fight harder. Stronger.

I need to be me.

Never give up!

We make our cold trip back.

Runny nose, but no issues. My feet squish in the wet ground. Sore, but surviving.

Surrounded by trash, friends, death and an amazing amout of motivation/courage, I make my way inside and try to get warm. Thinking about winter, my baby, food, shelter and how much I remind myself of the deer who beds at the college when the sun goes down.

I am Katie, the struggling doe.

My body is still slightly cold, but more sore than anything. It is hard to manuver for long periods of time without feeling it afterwards.

The excercise was well needed though.

I need to prep for labor. 7 weeks left…

About scarlet8savage

I love writing, music, water, and enthusiasm! :D Heavy Metal Pirate Queen Married Mom of 1 boy
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