Eat Mindfully!

We are all guilty of the occasional over-indulge of food. But rather than getting angry with yourself (we all do) take a step back and look at why you just ate that entire bag of chips without realizing.

In my mindful living class we learned what you should do to prevent the over eating and learn to appreciate the food you are consuming.

Many family dinners generally consist of conversation and very large meals, I know mine does. The last family dinner I had consisted of me, my mother, my three sisters and two brothers and grandmother. Of course there was a large meal, enough to feed two of my families. Before sitting down for dinner I asked everyone to first listen to what I had to say. I asked my family if we could try this just the one time and if they didn’t like it, they didn’t have to do it. It was a simple suggestion. My mother, sisters, and grandma complied but of course my brothers grunted and said no thanks.

We all sat down for dinner, filled our plates, and we ate in SILENCE. Nothing but the sound of forks hitting plate, the occasional squeak of a chair, ice rattling glass, could be heard. Each of my sisters, my mother, and grandmother all sat facing our plates. Each fork full of food we watched as it was lifted to our mouthes. Instead of mixing the corn into our mashed potatoes we ate each food option separately and with great concentration.

My brothers were the first ones done, they even went for seconds. My sisters, mother, grandmother and I barely finished our first plate. They were amazed at just how entirely full and SATISFIED they felt after that meal! My grandma found out she didn’t even like the taste of one of the spices she used on the chicken we had! She said she had always used that spice but never noticed it’s taste. But that is also one of the benefits of mindful eating. I have discovered a few foods and herbs I do not like after trying them out mindfully. Its no wonder, most people shovel in the food not paying much attention to what they are consuming. With distractions like, family conversation, TV, computer, etc.. you are more focused on the noise or what you are doing and you put aside the fact that your still consuming food.

Its a great lesson to practice, especially for those who would like to watch their weight.

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