Walking in a Winter Wonderland

I woke up to find snow this morning. Just enough to make everything look white. I grabbed my coat, threw on some shoes, a hat, and went outside. I stepped out the front door and heard a light crunch as my shoes made an impact with the snow. I love that sound. The air felt crisp cold on my still warm body. My skin prickled as the cold began to seep in. I started my walk, all the while listening to the snow crunch beneath my feet. The sun hadn’t come up yet, so outside still had the hazy look to it. I felt the snow begin to pack up in the grooves of my shoes and create uncomfortable lumps but I didn’t do anything about it. The muscles in the legs worked as I made my way down the sidewalk, I felt a change in the Earth as I stepped onto the hard grass. It was a different hard than the cement. The tips of the grass were just poking up under the snow, and they too made their own crunchy noise as I crushed them under my feet. A couple people on my road had started up their vehicles to warm, I could see the heat melting the snow off their windshields, and the ghostly footprints left in the snow. I heard a dog bark in the distance, not sure which direction it came from, I listened again. It was somewhere to the left of me. I could still feel the snow in the grooves of my shoes, when I watched behind me I could see bits of chunks falling off with each step. My body had finally let all the cold in, I could feel the cold straight to my bones. My nose was numb with cold, along with the tips of my ears. I decided to end my walk and head back in. Before going through the door I kicked my feet against the steps, rattling my legs and giving them a tingly feeling, to get the snow out of my shoes. I felt the snow let go and silently fall to the ground. I opened the front door and was instantly met with a blast of warm air, and I felt a whole new prickly sensation as my skin began to thaw out.

I don’t have as many mindful walks as I should. It really helps you appreciate the Earth more. I love when it snows and I especially love hearing the sound of it crunch beneath my feet. Mindful walking has really heightened that sound for me, among many other thing.

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