Educational Experience

My educational link to mindful living can be described as encouraging.  One night I was sitting at home trying to read one of my text books.  The information was dry and boring.  I found myself running over the words, moving through the paragraphs, but nothing was actually sinking into my brain.  A few times I read paragraphs repeatedly, but then realized that I was not really reading the meanings or letting it sink into my brain.  I was wasting precious time.  I had a lot on my mind.  I was thinking about how I had so much stuff to do, but I had convinced myself that I had to do my homework first.  After frustration set in I decided to take a short break.  I sat in a quiet area in my house and performed a 10 minute meditation exercise practicing shecontaza.  Through that meditation practice, I was able to let go of all of my anxiety.  I convinced myself that I could get to all the things I needed to do, if I got through the homework first. And it was possible to get it all done like I wanted to.  I immediately picked up my book and started to read the chapter again.  This time, I did not have wandering thoughts in my head.  I was able to read the words, and really read them.  I was no longer looking at the words with my eyes and not my mind.  I was connecting them together.  My mind was focused on the information my eyes were feeding it.  This was a very momentous occasion for me, because I take my schooling very serious and try hard to get good grades while really retaining the information.

About htaibl1

Bachelor student at West Shore Community College.
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