I feel as though I have transformed into a piece of rubber that has been stretched beyond measure.  My face appeared as though it has been pulled and tugged on like a piece of silly putty.  As I observed my body as an outsider, I started to lose all focus on reality.  Suddenly, there was a great distance between me and the class members.  The instructor’s voice continued to rise, as though his voice was on a pedestal.  I tried to keep my head held high.  I found myself constantly adjusting my posture.  All the while, the image of my self iappeared as if I was sitting tall and still.  I started to lose all control of my body.  I started to wonder if my mouth was open.  Or if I was drooling.  After awhile, I couldn’t even tell where I began and the floor started.  It was as if we were one.  I started to feel dizzy.  My body was going crazy! I was still focusing,  on my tasks, but I had to reassure my brain that everything was going to be okay.  I said a pray and I felt my body come back under control.  My senses were back, and I could feel that my leg was completely numb. I could not even wiggle my toes when I told them too.  It was a scary feeling.  The instructor’s voice was very soothing.  I was completely relaxed.  I loved the meta meditation exercise.

About htaibl1

Bachelor student at West Shore Community College.
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