The Passion of Kodo

The drums of life and thought flow free. Pumping my blood like they always have. I feel reborn. New. A fresh start from the beginning. Energy feels like a new sensation. The colors of my mind run wild in the neverending patterns. My mind was a black pallet splashed with enthusiasm, hope, freedom, and passion. The loud drums made my blood run marathons. Is this what birth feels like? Coming into air. Not knowing where I am. Is this sensation neverending? My heart STILL mumps faster, harder, and louder than before. I feel like I could fly.

Calm. More calm…relazed. Emotion sleeps. And rises once again. My pulse beats to the metronome that is life. Continuous energy and an everlasting joy called passion.

Gabe feels my love. My pulse. My heart. My blood. He knows this is a good thing. I know it’s a good thing. To breathe once again like I haven’t in so long. I need to be myself again. I need my drums. My life. My passion. Desire. I long for it every day. Who cares about being realistic anymore? I need them. My body needs them. My heart needs them. My savior.

This is what it feels like to breathe.

To know love and let it go away.

To let life escape your grasp. This is pure happiness, soul, pain, and love all in one emotion. The drums of life beat steady in my veins.

My blood.

My heart.

My mind.

My son.

My dreams.

These drums run my life.


About scarlet8savage

I love writing, music, water, and enthusiasm! :D Heavy Metal Pirate Queen Married Mom of 1 boy
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