What happens when I count to 10 when meditating

My legs stay stiff, my find feels hollow, my heart stays racing – and yet – I feel recharged. Meditating is a cleanser for me. A cleansing that takes place internally with a wire scrub brush. It doesn’t feel so hot when it is happening, but now that I have started gaining life back in my legs, I feel like I could swim in Lake Michigan – north to south. I love feeling new and shiny after I “gain consciousness” again. I speak to myself, I let my thoughts flow through me like thought clouds; sometimes bubbles. When the thought shows up, I glance at the thought, nod my head (virtually) and continue letting myself feel & reboost. The bubble fountain doesn’t stop very often. Too much on my plate?


About scarlet8savage

I love writing, music, water, and enthusiasm! :D Heavy Metal Pirate Queen Married Mom of 1 boy
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