SHE TOTALLY COUNTS! … half sizes count right?

My baby shower was on Sunday (the 6th of November). Usually, people invite people they know, right? Well, I invited almost every girl I know and then some. 🙂 Better too many than too few, right? My fiance’s cousin, Melissa, showed up with her daughter, Natalie. Oh my gosh this little girl was more than adorable! Her name is Natalie Stevens. She is three years old and LOVES the color pink! She likes horses, pigtails, and being the center of attention. Natalie and I spent a lot of time together (after all, I was the person who was supposed to be giving a baby a shower at this party). She was my handy little helper when I opened up all of our gifts for the baby. Every time I dropped something on the ground (even tissue paper for crying out loud), this little girl was down off of her mom’s lap, running for the piece of mysterious you-name-it, and it was taken care of in a second! She was on top of her game, which helped me more than ever because I REALLY don’t like bending down and getting things. Especially after I just ate an amazing lunch put on by my mother and grandma… 🙂

Natalie and I hung out for over half of my shower. She is cute, friendly, a bit shy at first but she came out of her shell very well by the end of the party. We cannot WAIT to see each other at Christmas time! She drew me a couple pictures of our family, you know those pictures, the crayon stick figures that have words written in barely legible letters upside-down going across the whole page. Yep… I have three front and back pages that are hanging on my fridge right now. One of them will be framed! It is a family portrait of me (with really long hair all the way around my face like a lion’s mane) , my fiance, Michael (who is pregnant in the picture lol), and a baby with a little bit of hair, big eyes like Mike’s eyes, and a huge smile – just like mine after spending the day with an angel!


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