Cursive, mindfully..

I will be the first to admit that my handwriting isn’t the best, its not because my handwriting is bad but because I’m in a rush. This technique taught was probably the hardest to master in the class, I am still working on it. We are taught from a young age to write wrong, we keep our shoulders still, and let our wrists do the writing when we should be doing a fluid motion of the whole arm with our wrists taught. At first I struggled, my cursive letters flowing from my fountain pen were huge, but the more i practiced the smaller my letters got, and my penmanship stayed the same. Its an art to write with a fountain pen, the pens themselves allowing you to show emotion through the simple pressure of a stroke, something that takes years to master, the better the pen the more you can do. For me this was one of the most rewarding things I learned. My writers cramp hardly happens anymore thanks to it, and my penmanship has gotten better, which all my teachers are probably thankful for! πŸ˜€

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