Mindful Education..

The rush and bustle of everyday life, we push ourselves to the limits to achieve success. A full semester can contain twelve or more credit hours, pushing today’s students to cram even more. Mindful Living taught me to cope though.

Through the techniques learned in Mindful Living, mindful listening ect, I was able to cope better with my busy schedule. Students retain very little of lectures because the brain is thinking about other things, but the class teaches you to slow down and listen, to better absorb the material. I learned this. Being able to remember stuff was never a strong attribute of mine, if I didn’t have notes from class I was screwed. The class helped me though. I can better retain the information I learned and apply it in my educational endeavor. Overall the class has helped me become a better student. I don’t get frustrated with things as easily because I slow down take deep breathes and calm myself. I learn the material better because when I focus and clear my mind of the other things I absorb it better. Overall its helped me a lot!

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