Someone new….

For me the person that I met was new was different than everyone else. My mom works with disabled adults and recently began do private care for a nice lady who was injured very badly in a car accident years ago. This lady is in a wheel chair and can’t talk and her motor functions are very limited. It was a big eye opener though. I’m not gonna post her real name due to privacy reasons, but well call her Barb for the blog. When I first met Barb it was my 21st birthday, my mom brought her over to have dinner with us. I was scared at first, that I might offend her. When she arrived I helped get her into the house, and  I introduced myself to her, even though she couldn’t talk I got a slight smile out of her.  It made me happy! My girlfriend Kayla and I have two cats, a tuxedo male named Moo and a tabby male named Orange Julius. Orange is a lovey cat so we introduced her to Bard too, again we got a smile. Over the course of the evening I learned about Barb not through her but through my own mother who spoke for her, she gave her a voice. Barb had a life before the wreck, kids, grand kids, she enjoyed having a few beers now and then, but then it was suddenly all taken away. Now Barb lives pretty much inside herself, she makes some sounds and will smile at things but thats about it. It made me think about being mindful of our own fate. Seeing up close how someone can go from “normal” to a state of immobility opens your eyes. You must live everyday to the fullest, be nice to everyone cause you never know when an event can turn your life upside down. Thats what I learned from Barb.

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