After meditating for 25 minutes, I walk down the hall, and not making any eye contact, I step into the art gallery.

The first picture I look at is of a beautiful fall setting. I felt a slight autumn breeze and felt the rustle of trees. I look at the sky and I see the clouds slowly moving with the breeze. The photograph came alive in my mind. The colors were so vivid and I could instantly smell musk leaves. It was almost like a dream. Everything was quiet, except for my constant running thoughts. I acknowledged my classmates, but I did not make eye contact or even hear them. I only felt myself and my thoughts surging through my body and mind.

I was fully aware that I was walking around the college barefoot. The floor was hard and cold, and my feet had that gritty feeling from having dirt and dust stick to them. It also felt nice, to be free of my shoes.

Meditation opened up a whole new world for me. Art comes to life, smells are more pungent, tastes are tastier (or sometimes not), and most importantly I am more in control of my mind.

I have walked through many art galleries in my life, most the time I just walk through without paying much attention. I look at a picture and decide if its “pretty” or “weird” or “confusing” then move on. After meditating then walking through a gallery, the art comes to life. I respect and appreciate the time and efforts and thoughts and imagination put into the photographs, paintings, and drawings. Its amazing what such a simple thing like clearing the mind can do!  I now allow myself to be fully consumed by the art. I used to see people stand and stare at a piece of art for minutes on end and think to myself “how can they stand there and stare at the same picture? Its just a bowl of fruit!” But now I see it as more than just a painting of a bowl of fruit. The colors and textures pop out, I can taste the apples and bananas, I can smell the oranges, I can feel the furriness of the kiwi.

Think I sound ridiculous? TRY IT! I guarantee you’ll be amazed.

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