Did You Hear That?!

I went out to eat with a friend at a chinese restaurant. This is my experience:

We walk in and I’m instantly met by the smell of deep fried food, among other exotic scents. We get a friendly greeting as were ushered to our booth. We have a temporary audience as we walk to our table. why is it that people always stare at you as your being seated? Are they looking to see if they recognize you? Or is it simply to be nosy? We are not handed any menu’s but we are addressed to help ourselves to the buffet, we are also asked in a hushed, shy voice, what we would like to drink. “One pepsi and one mountain dew.” We sit for only a minute or two before she kindly says “thank you” and is on her way to fetch our beverages. We slide out of our sticky booth and make our way to the buffet line. Once again we are greeted by curious eyes of the other diners. I hear the clank and scrape as I choose my plate. The metal spoon clashing down into the metal trays, containing all the deep fried goodness. A woman to me left mumbles “shit” under her breath as a piece of orange chicken slides off her plate and onto her shoe. She doesn’t look my way but instead hurries away, back to her seat. I finish with my selections, and carefully watching both my plate and my feet, I make my way back to our assigned booth. I set my plate down with a dull thud. Then I sit. The seat moans in protest. My pepsi is waiting for me, condensation has already formed on its sides. I tap my straw on the table to get the paper off, then pop it into my cup. The ice clatters around making a beautiful sound. I take a few big gulps. I hear my throat working the liquid down. My friend and I eat in silence because we are both supposed to be listening to our surroundings. The two elder ladies sitting in the booth to our left are having a heated discussion about some friend of theirs. Lets just say… some things are better left for private conversation and not restaurant. I hear a child say “mommy” a few times, most likely trying to catch her attention.

Its amazing all the sounds and noises you hear throughout the day and not even realize it. Its no wonder people don’t remember half of what they’re supposed to! Our mind is so cluttered with random noises we latch onto, that we can’t focus on the important stuff.

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