do the loopty-loop!

Today in Mindful Living we learned a new writing technique. Probably the majority of people who write, draw out the letters, rather than letting them flow. At first we were asked to hold our pens in our fist (not in the normal way you would hold a pen to write) then we were asked to make lines of small loops (looks like continuous cursive small e’s). But the whole point was to not move your fingers or wrist at all while doing so. The point was to use your whole arm, shoulder, to write. Once we felt comfortable and knew exactly what we were meant to do, we were then asked to hold our pen in our normal way and write out a simple sentence.

It was tough at first, my writing was quite larger than normal and a little sloppier, but after some firm concentration and dedication I was able to write a whole page in my journal and the best part was, I didn’t tire out my hand!  The whole idea of writing this way is so that you can just let your thoughts flow out onto the paper and you can continuously write while not waring out your hand.

I am now able to take notes in lecture class with ease. I can write out my whole rough draft of papers without having to stop and massage my hand! Its a miracle! Why teachers have not taught this method sooner is beyond me! Also my cursive has improved tremendously!

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