Turning into dust

Today I died.

Well, died in class, while lying on the floor through a guided meditation.

The guided meditation consisted of the instructor guiding us on what we were supposed to be thinking and concentrating on while in our meditative state. It starts out with just simply lying on your back. He guides us though our death to show impermanence. Imagine you are on your death bed. You only have a few more moments to live. All your family is there. Think about what your last words will be. Then say goodbye as you take your last breath. Feel as all your skin melts away, down to the bone. Then your bones start to crumble, and then you are nothing but dust, and then it rains. Then we are asked to slowly open our eyes. Then slowly begin to move, get the feeling back into our bodies. Then roll to one side and slowly brace ourselves up into a sitting position.

The first time we did this exercise, when I opened my eyes I noticed I had been crying. My whole face was wet from my tears. It was definitely an eye opener. It made me realize that any day could be your time and what would your last words be? Would you have resolved all your family drama matters? All your friends disputes? Would you be able to tell everyone you loved them? There are so many places I would love to see! So many new things I have yet to try! Its all a part of the impermanence of life though. There is no way to prepare for death, you just have to live life to the fullest. Live with no regrets.

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