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Grass dance

A cool breeze goes through my clothing licking all over my skin. The sound of people not doing as I am. People’s feet scratching and shuffling on the pavement. The soft rustling of fabric. The smell of rain, mud, grass, … Continue reading

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You Say Acid and Masturbation

Natalie Goldberg in Writing Down the Bones, on page 136-7 writes about wanting to break through the good writer’s comfort zone, and she exclaims “I know what the problem is! None of you have ever taken acid.” She means they … Continue reading

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Assesing Progress

I took a survey in  Chemistry class yesterday about my experience at WSCC. I will concede to being in a poor mood yesterday and I may have taken the wrong assessment of the survey, but in my opinion the questions … Continue reading

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Memorization and the Abstract in my Mind

I have always been frustrated with my poor memory, and envious of my brother’s ability to remember even the most minute details from many years back with what seemed little effort. To memorize things for school I must go over … Continue reading

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What else my Cursive says

It has been difficult getting into cursive again, though I have used it on and off since second grade. I actually enjoy it, it quickly gets my thoughts out, it looks pretty. This is enhanced with the fountain pen which … Continue reading

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Memory Tour

I remember swimming freely under the skies of Clearwater, Fl, music playing softly, warm breeze, clear open view of the stars and sky. My friends close by and yet all of us in our own space. I remember the feeling … Continue reading

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Dancing the Line of Dawn

I didn’t want to do the dishes. I do not want to do the dishes. I find myself overwhelmed by the whole process. The dishes are the worst part of the whole process of the meal. I must plan the … Continue reading

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Finding Me

The person I am, the person I used to be has been swallowed by my daily existence; I have been little of myself and mostly who I am is in relation to others. The anxiety, depression, frustration, and anger from … Continue reading

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The “Big” Destroying Us

The smooth flooring, cold air, stale air filled with the scent of fresh paint. Music plays closely but also from a distance. Abandonment. Error. Small wooden pieces showing an eerie idea of chess. Chess, what an odd game, is it … Continue reading

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