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Mindful Art

So far, mindful drawing has been my favorite class period. In my three years at west shore, I have taken three classes that are actually aimed toward my Studio Art major. Since graduating, art has drained slowly from my life … Continue reading

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All in the Zafu

For most of this semester, I have been fighting against meditation. During every class meditation, my legs would go numb, I would have migrains, I even managed to have a few cascade effect experiences. Two weeks ago, after a particularly terrifying … Continue reading

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Rain Walk

I remember playing with fresh kittens on a morning like this. By the time the mother let us find them, they were probably two weeks old. Still clumsy and so curious. One had a “cold in its eye,” at least … Continue reading

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Desire vs. Logic

I want a candy bar. A kind sized Snickers would be really nice right now. I don’t need it. I don’t need anything actually. I had a good breakfast, I am full. I don’t need food at all. But I … Continue reading

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I didn’t get used to it, by the way.

I am tired, but awake. It is strange. I can see how one would easily become addicted to percoset. I haven’t slept like that in a very long time. And i fell into it so easily. It was a heavy … Continue reading

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Writing in cursive has messed with me a little. it tugs me in different directions constantly. Cursive has helped me, yes. I’ve written a lot of lines for my acting class to memorize them and I noticed that I am … Continue reading

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Crawling into my little shell

A task I don’t want to do? I don’t want to post on this blog. I’m not trying to insult anyone here, that really isn’t my intention, but I really DON’T like putting my writing out there for people to … Continue reading

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no more boring lectures

The biggest difference meditation has made in my academic life would be my focus. Even when I feel that class is less than thrilling on a particular day, I can listen attentively and absorb the lecture. I no longer feel … Continue reading

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I can hear every breath, every footstep, every twitch. Its like in movies where someone is nervous and uncomfortable, and suddenly every time another person clears their throat the sound is earth shattering. I can smell varnish. I have been … Continue reading

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Ice Cream and Meditation

I work at House of Flavors as a server and a conie (people who scoop ice cream… in case you aren’t down with the lingo) and sometimes, things can get a little hectic. Food is getting cold, glasses are empty, orders … Continue reading

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