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Social Growth.

As I said in class, I met my best friend’s girlfriend. It was much easier to meet her while he was there because he introduced us. I met a large amount of people that weekend because I was with my … Continue reading

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Educational Benefits.

The only part of my educational career that has been improved is my writing ability. I am able to focus more and stay on topic while writing a long essay. For example, I wrote a 1800 word research paper in … Continue reading

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An Alternative Communication.

Cursive handwriting has never been an important aspect to writing for me. But because we are only allowed to write in cursive in our notebooks I am practicing and beginning to really like it. I find it difficult to make … Continue reading

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The Ability of Time.

Time can give life and it can take it away. It flies by at times you wish it would stay the longest. I don’t fully understand time and how we came upon it. Time is so hard to discuss because … Continue reading

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For the Better.

Meditation has had many effects on me. While I am meditating, I have noticed that my body feels very light to the point of weightlessness. We have been practicing many different types of meditation and I have been able to … Continue reading

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