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Can I Mindfully Smoke a Cigarette?

Can I be mindful of myself and those around me while puffing on tobacco? This is a tough question for me because I know smoking is bad. It’s a habit I started about a year ago and I know I should … Continue reading

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Thoughts Rushing Back In

My neck aches. I am trying to forget but it is all I can think about. It’s creeping up my face to my temples. Nothing else makes sense. It won’t crack and I am in severe pain. Scratch, scratch, scratch. … Continue reading

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Nothing to Nothing

That is a hard concept for me. Raised as a Christian, it was thought that God to God was the answer. Where we came from and where we go. Just recently I have broken this illusion for myself, but it … Continue reading

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My hands are sweaty. Nervous like a mouse caught in a cats paws. All I want to do is run away. On the floor, my left foot lost feeling. I wanted to move and fix it, but I couldn’t, I … Continue reading

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Anger Vs. Sadness

Meditation’s biggest impact on my life was introspection. I feel like I know myself better now than I ever did before. I used to only really know two parts of myself: the happy me and the angry me. There was a … Continue reading

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Concentration: Thank you Meditation

I never have been good at sitting still. I have ADHD and this makes taking lecture classes very difficult for me. I tend to get antsy and stop paying attention. I could never just sit there. After learning to meditate, … Continue reading

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Like a sprinkler. Light drizzle. I waited until the downpour was over. Like a shower. Fresh. That’s the first word I think of. Then cold. Cold but not freezing. I know spring is here. Soon enough the lilacs will be … Continue reading

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A Time and a Place

My thoughts and writing are no longer separate. Every feeling, as it occurs, glides across my page. I don’t have to hold back anything due to my mind moving too fast. Cursive allows me to  capture my mind faster than … Continue reading

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While Dreaming Beasts are Lying Down

“Someday love will find you. Break those, chain that bind you…” 6:30 AM that songs starts playing. Time to wake up. The worst part of my day. I don’t want to wake up. I just want to sleep all day … Continue reading

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The noise of the machines digs into my brain. Not painful, just stuck there. Images sear my brain. The hurt. The despair. I feel the loneliness. I feel the emptiness. I feel abandonment. The buildings are forgotten to the families … Continue reading

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