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He dripped with self satisfied smirks. He dripped in poesy colored cheeks half-assed laughs dog wagging speech. He drips every day on the streets in the car on air. He drips in his beige and black suits waltzing with the wealthy. He drips in … Continue reading

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The Sky Screamed Silently

Damp earth dead worms deer droppings soft spring rain soaking through canvas shoes. Winter grass browned and flat like heated shredded wheat. Black capped chickadees and robins try to out do one another a king-fisher overhead. Red pine cones lay in thick … Continue reading

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The Chemistry And Romance Of Food

Food is an interesting topic. It is a necessity, but it is also one of the basest pleasures in life. All cultures share in it. They may use different meals, but the concept is the same. And at times, it … Continue reading

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Kerouac vrs Lady Gaga – A Week In My Head

My mind is seething between many different topics. None of them coexist, except in the random collection of my head. This week I have been absorbing materials about women in Afgansitan. It is unfathonable to me what they go through, … Continue reading

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Early Grey Tea With A Broken Toe

I am sitting down, with a cup of vividly hot Earl Grey tea. My toe is aching, having broken it right before meditation in class on Thursday. A stupid mistake to make when the whole class is centered around being … Continue reading

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If Only I Could Type In Cursive

I had another class tonight; Philosophy. I like this class because I get to take notes. I love taking notes. I think it is because I learn best that way. My head enjoys being a pitcher; I pour the refreshing … Continue reading

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Mercury and Silk

I remember a time when the lake was like mercury. It rested in a thick blackness – darker than the sky had ever been. I stood there breathing and looked as every constellation joined to dance at the waters edge. My feet … Continue reading

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Dissecting myself one word at a time

Why is this question so hard for me? There has to be dozens of things in my life that I do not enjoy. Why won’t they come to mind. I am sitting down to write this, and all I get … Continue reading

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Learning to Breathe

Breathe in. Breathe out. It seems like it would be a simple task to accomplish, but at times it feels like the one thing I can not remember to do. I am trying to work on homework and there are … Continue reading

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The Waltz – First Writings

Chessboard, cold, stringent- I fell into the midst of the mist New wood in old dust – Ghosts dance and twirl in the eddy of the tide Ballroom ants hide behind heaps of rubbish- mounds upon mounds of cascading discarded … Continue reading

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