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Bachelor student at West Shore Community College.

Educational Experience

My educational link to mindful living can be described as encouraging.  One night I was sitting at home trying to read one of my text books.  The information was dry and boring.  I found myself running over the words, moving … Continue reading

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Mindfully listening

I completed my mindful listening exercise at the Beans and Bread cafe.  I sat at a table by myself with my notebook in hand.  I wrote down noises as I heard them that can be described as clatter, laughter, silence, and … Continue reading

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Cursive Handwriting I Curse You!

Mindfully writing in cursive is a bit more challenging than one might expect, unless however, you have been writing in cursive continuously since the 3rd grade. If so, then I imagine that it was probably not that difficult.  But, if you are like … Continue reading

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Experience in Death

When I was being guided through the death experience, my body reacted quite wel,l I think.  I had tears rolling down my checks when I was saying my goodbye’s to everybody.  When I was told that we were cold, I … Continue reading

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I feel as though I have transformed into a piece of rubber that has been stretched beyond measure.  My face appeared as though it has been pulled and tugged on like a piece of silly putty.  As I observed my body as … Continue reading

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A completed journey

Gloom and despair, cold and cloudy, the day embraces us.  Even in misery there is life.  Everywhere the green is surviving. It is thick and matted down by the weight of the dew.  All different varieties.  Carefully placing my feet, I … Continue reading

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A flavorful nightmare

My experience with eating mindfully was not as I had expected.  My suspicion was that I would enjoy eating slow for a change and savor the food that I had prepared for class.  I made a ham and cheese sandwich, … Continue reading

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Surprisingly dissappointed

I had been anticipating meeting my son’s 5th grade teacher for a couple months now.  We had previous contact via email and she seemed pleasantly warm and passionate about my concerns for my son.  I also got the impression that she considered … Continue reading

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Art Exhibit Experience

Like zombies, we quietly walked down the hall, collecting dirt on the bottom of our cold clammy feet.  The only sound emanating from us was the smack of our feet when they connected with the hard tiled floor.  Our pants and shirts breathing as we mindfully … Continue reading

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Actuality of a Rainy Day

Rainy days smell of fish guts rising out of the sea and blowing through my nose. Rainy days are rainboots sloping through puddles as I stand amused watching my daughter play carelessly, just as I did as a little girl. … Continue reading

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