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Pulling out my Moleskine journal I remembered back to the day we visited the art gallery. Walking barefoot down the hall to the gallery, mindfully of course, I entered in through the doubled doors. The first thing that caught me … Continue reading

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Mindful walking was a fun experience for me. Out of all the meditation techniques learned it was probably my favorite. The discomfort felt in the other meditations aren’t as prevalent in mindful walking. I was able to really focus! It … Continue reading

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Mindful Education..

The rush and bustle of everyday life, we push ourselves to the limits to achieve success. A full semester can contain twelve or more credit hours, pushing today’s students to cram even more. Mindful Living taught me to cope though. … Continue reading

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Someone new….

For me the person that I met was new was different than everyone else. My mom works with disabled adults and recently began do private care for a nice lady who was injured very badly in a car accident years … Continue reading

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Cursive, mindfully..

I will be the first to admit that my handwriting isn’t the best, its not because my handwriting is bad but because I’m in a rush. This technique taught was probably the hardest to master in the class, I am … Continue reading

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Sitting in the busy bustle of a Chinese restaurant its hard not to let the dreary sounds amount to one and blend together. If you focus really hard though you can make out each sound, something that we are losing. … Continue reading

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Losing Sense of the Quietness

All around us everyday, twenty four hours a day there is sounds. Hundreds of sounds, which only a few select ones we here. With the advent of modern age sound is all around us. Humans are losing their sense of … Continue reading

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Time Happens

Time is life and death, from nothing to something, something to nothing. Time is the essence of existence, time is inevitable. Time is all around us, stopping for nothing, human or nature. Time is endless, birthing and reclaiming for all … Continue reading

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Asthma? Not with Meditation!

During class I brought up the subject of meditation helping with Asthma. For those who don’t know what asthma is its a disorder of the lungs that cause the airways to swell and narrow causing shortness of breath, wheezing, chest … Continue reading

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Whats my brain doing!?

So after experiencing meditation for the first couple times I started noticing something that kinda scares me. When I finally get to the point where I feel like I’m empty, that I’m totally focused, it makes me feel like I’m … Continue reading

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