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I am a puppy raiser, a student, and a composer of words. I also am working on becoming an Orientation and Mobility instructor for the blind and visually impaired.

Mindful walking

As you sit on the pavement awaiting your death. The mangled bodies of your friends lying around you. A perfect mosaic of life lost. But then! You are airborne, a silent rescue helicopter has come to save you. As you suddenly struggle … Continue reading

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Some would say she is fading, the light from her star about spent. Her carefully repeated lines, from long ago memories, a thing to be ashamed of. I do not see her that way. To me she is long hot … Continue reading

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Dancing elephants

The elephants dance on the wall. With the lions. That’s all I have to write. Glancing through the thick glass, the sun shines down on places I haven’t been. Where I long to go. The woods. The lake. A book, … Continue reading

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Falling in love with cursive and pens, and writing all over again…

Learning to write in cursive… In elementary school they told us we would have to write in cursive in Junior High. When the time came around, and we were in Junior High, we learned our elementary teachers were wrong. I … Continue reading

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Exam. Exam. Exam. It was a continuation because this is what I meditated about this morning. I always panic about them because of how important it is not to fail. And what if I fail? There’s no more money. Money, … Continue reading

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Looking into the past on when meditation first helped me

Sitting on the floor… breathing…one…two…three… drifting… My leg goes numb, and then the pain hits… I sit on the ground shivering from the pain. Not knives but teeth cutting through my skin. My heart, a train roaring down the steel … Continue reading

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Detroit. Pictures. Germany.

Goodbye, my love, goodbye to the school, die Kirche, the place where we used to play. Auf Wiedersehen to the generations to the night life, to all that once was. Whose idea was it to take away a school, the … Continue reading

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