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The need to be alone

The feeling creeps up over a range of a few days.  I think about how my life has changed since minful living class.  Its a kind of feeling that I cannot put a description.  Perhaps it happens when things have … Continue reading

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Mindful walking

The discussion in the room… mindful surroundings, walking sounds… each other? Walking out the doors in single file… no en masse. Holding the doors for one another. Waiting until everyone is out the door. No, I feel my daughter’s energy. … Continue reading

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A Spiritual Journey

The first weeks of class were the beginning of something big for me.  Perhaps a revelation.  I was learning to meditate in class.  I have become fascinated with Buddhism.  As a Bahai’ I have learned that we each have a … Continue reading

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Living With a Mystery Illness

It started in December with a sinus infection.  I spent 2 days in the emergency room 2 days before Christmas.  They  told me it was a severe sinus infection.  They got the pain under control and gave me something for … Continue reading

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Life’s Simple Revelations

I think on how my life has changed with mindful living class.  It has given me a sense of peace and forgiveness of self.  With my health being bad these last few months, I have learned to wake up in … Continue reading

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As the Ink Gently Flows

The pen caresses the page leaving a record of my thoughts, feelings, ideas, and observations. I feel the vibration of the pen and see the ink leaving a mark on the pages. The marks are words.  I try to form … Continue reading

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The task at hand

As I came out of the meditation and now as I have contemplated writing this, I feel dread. My stomach knots up. The flow of my mind being set upon the task of getting my bills and setting up a … Continue reading

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As I lay in my room with the darkness around me,  I realized yet another round of headaches would mean lost time and wages were to follow.  It’s something I cannot afford,  having my wages triple-garnished and insurance being so … Continue reading

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As I let the old golden retriever out this evening,  I thought about how my life with her had changed.  She had a stroke last June and was completely paralyzed.  I was contemplating the daunting task of writing a book … Continue reading

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The Grey Day

(I started at the back of the room and moved forward) The first image of the ghost stirs fresh in my mind and repulses me. I can’t help but feel that that person meant something to someone once. The images … Continue reading

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