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Listening to Japanese Music

Tribal. Jungl. Deep in the closed branches of the hidden world of the Congo River. Such a mysterious, new place to so many. So full of life and wonder. The dark, leather skinned medicine men flock the banks, skimming up … Continue reading

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To me, the flow and freedom with a fountain pen is so much more useful for getting lost in writing. Maybe not necessarily lost, but more like embedded in what I am trying to actually say and convey. The fountain … Continue reading

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Because of meditation and mindful practices, I have found myself much more focused in class. Mostly it has helped me keep calm and not stress out over the little things that tend to build up and get into a pile … Continue reading

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Smuck, smuck, the un-suction of my, her, his, our barefeet on the cold, hard, shiny linoleum tiles. Short walk, loud creak, enter a chilly room. A room filled with, seemingly, no life. But, after the first initial glance, it bursts. … Continue reading

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Mindful Walking

It’s built in quite an amazing way, the human body I mean. Millions of tiny atoms compressed together as a whole creature. The same atoms that build the trees, the grass, the sky, and the air. The remarkable human body. … Continue reading

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Since I have started meditating, I have noticed that I’m a lot more calm about how I do things. I’m not always in a hurry to get somewhere, and I don’t worry about going and doing something. I’ve been told … Continue reading

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New Person.

I felt such a connection with her. She was so open about her husband’s disability, but not in a way that seemed as if she was seeking pity. She was all for being obvious that he was in a wheelchair, … Continue reading

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Forever stopped time. Eternal sleep. We take it all for granted that everything lasts forever. It does, yes, but not what we want to be forever. in our reality, nothing is gone, and we have forever to keep running, moving, … Continue reading

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Since the first day..

..of meditation in class, I have found myself calmer than I have been in the past. I have also found that I can just sit, and think about things, and not have to be jumping to do something. I can … Continue reading

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