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I love writing, music, water, and enthusiasm! :D Heavy Metal Pirate Queen Married Mom of 1 boy

SHE TOTALLY COUNTS! … half sizes count right?

My baby shower was on Sunday (the 6th of November). Usually, people invite people they know, right? Well, I invited almost every girl I know and then some. πŸ™‚ Better too many than too few, right? My fiance’s cousin, Melissa, … Continue reading

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Cursive isn’t easy…

Writing in cursive is evil. Not easy. Nearly impossible. I haven’t written in cursive since fourth grade. This is not easy. This is crazy. It is going to take some work. Squiggles and letters can only get me so far. … Continue reading

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What happens when I count to 10 when meditating

My legs stay stiff, my find feels hollow, my heart stays racing – and yet – I feel recharged. Meditating is a cleanser for me. A cleansing that takes place internally with a wire scrub brush. It doesn’t feel so … Continue reading

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Take Me Home, Country Roads

I gaze into the nature as if I were wading in the swamp myself. Trying to imagine how people stood to take the photo and how they felt when they saw the beautiful image before them. Envy. Passion. Jealousy. Peace. … Continue reading

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The Passion of Kodo

The drums of life and thought flow free. Pumping my blood like they always have. I feel reborn. New. A fresh start from the beginning. Energy feels like a new sensation. The colors of my mind run wild in the … Continue reading

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Mindful Walking

Death. The very existence of live being extinguished with the changing seasons and air. From green to dead everything changes. Trash, pollutants and people are no help to Mother Nature. Time keeps ticking and people don’t care. My cold body … Continue reading

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