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A walk in the rain

The air was cool. Just barely tolerable. I could feel the softness of the grass under my feet. My back felt fine in the field. I can smell the fresh spring rain. The real deal is much more appealing than … Continue reading

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Education and Meditation

It’s do or die. Revolution is not inevitable. It’s systematically being aborted. The news is turning your brain to vegetables, Paramount, MTV, fuckin’ Viacom in general. Listen up soldiers, because my message is not subliminal. I don’t promote violence; but … Continue reading

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Check Your Posture

I was meditating the other day when I thought of a metaphor for life. In meditation there is a time after all the frantic thoughts have been waded through and the less frantic and less frantic etc… when everything becomes … Continue reading

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Cursive: and why it’s hard

I have to force my self to write in cursive. They gave us the choice in about fourth grade. I chose printing and I stuck with it. For ten years I wrote in only print. My print handwriting is terrible. … Continue reading

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Multiple Variables

I hate algebra. I simply do not care about polynomials, quadratic equations, or foiling to find x or even y for that matter. Who can remember all those theories? More important why would anyone ever need to? I have avoided … Continue reading

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Learning to Relax

As a child I was happy. I can still remember to this day the way it felt to be care free and full of wonder. As I’ve grown older I’ve noticed that nothing really amazes me anymore. It was this … Continue reading

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A Little Rain

I know this place. It’s wierd because I was there for new years and now I am here, at Westshore, and now Detroit is too. Spooky. What does Detroit want to tell me? I spent the bulk of my grade … Continue reading

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