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Writing Down the Bones Exercise: Remembering

I remember watching houses burn in Detroit. It happened all of the time. My dad worked late at a place called Adam’s Rib and many times when he came home, there would be a house fire somewhere on our block. … Continue reading

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Wanting to Forget

I lay in bed, headphones in my ears, Ipod turned all the way up. Tears stream down my cheeks. Thought upon thought upon thought. Rushing through my head. More tears flowing and I can’t see through my glasses. I try … Continue reading

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Mindful Photography

I don’t have any classes with lectures but this one. Although this is the case, mindfully walking has helped in one class, and that is my photography class. Even though I do take my time when going out to take … Continue reading

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No Longer Full

I have been trying to do mindful eating since we’ve talked about it in class. It really interested me. I started drinking water more and tea as well and I have started to eat much smaller portions because of the … Continue reading

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A Slow Walker Living in a Fast Paced Society

What gloomy weather. I dislike it. I enjoy rain but I enjoy a warm rain. When it suddenly rains on a partly sunny day, that’s the best. That to me is beautiful. Today though, it’s just dark, sad, and cold. … Continue reading

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Beautiful, but Difficult

I find it interesting that after so many years of not having to write in cursive, it is all of a sudden brought back into my life. That being said, I now realize why I made the choice to not … Continue reading

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Living in Cloud Cuckoo Land

Something I don’t want to do…well…there’s a lot of things. I could list off hundreds, but I won’t. It took me a bit of time to think about and then it hit me, I don’t want to dream anymore. My … Continue reading

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Just a Thought

I am in a constant state of thought. There isn’t a time when I’m not thinking about something. Even if I try to not think about something, I’m focusing on not thinking therefore I am still in a way thinking. … Continue reading

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Going to the art gallery right after meditating for 15 minutes was really interesting. The thing I really noticed was how enhanced my senses were, mainly my hearing and smell which I don’t really notice or pay attention to usually … Continue reading

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