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Turning into dust

Today I died. Well, died in class, while lying on the floor through a guided meditation. The guided meditation consisted of the instructor guiding us on what we were supposed to be thinking and concentrating on while in our meditative … Continue reading

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Forever stopped time. Eternal sleep. We take it all for granted that everything lasts forever. It does, yes, but not what we want to be forever. in our reality, nothing is gone, and we have forever to keep running, moving, … Continue reading

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The word time makes me think about how quick life actually goes by. A clock is always ticking, always going forwards and never going backwards. I did not know the meaning of time until I had a baby. I watched my son’s facial features … Continue reading

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My Words in Time

Time is what you make of it. Short when your busy, long when your patient. Time can be read on a clock. It can not be stopped, nor fast forwarded. Time is what it takes to type this on my … Continue reading

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