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Progress! Yes!

I have been meditating for 15 minutes on a daily basis now. The nausea has subsided and I am able to fully “zen” out. I have noticed some dramatic changes in my life since I began meditating. I have become … Continue reading

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Writing Down the Bones Exercise: Remembering

I remember watching houses burn in Detroit. It happened all of the time. My dad worked late at a place called Adam’s Rib and many times when he came home, there would be a house fire somewhere on our block. … Continue reading

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The technique for memorizing quickly that we learned in class did really well for me. I think that it should be taught regularly in schools. It seemed to work for almost everyone in class. By visualizing yourself walking through somewhere … Continue reading

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Memorization and the Abstract in my Mind

I have always been frustrated with my poor memory, and envious of my brother’s ability to remember even the most minute details from many years back with what seemed little effort. To memorize things for school I must go over … Continue reading

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