A Time and a Place

My thoughts and writing are no longer separate. Every feeling, as it occurs, glides across my page. I don’t have to hold back anything due to my mind moving too fast. Cursive allows me to  capture my mind faster than printing and it is so nice to not have to remember what I was thinking because it took too long to write down. I can now only write in cursive. The other day at work I had to try to print because at work, we write down orders and others have to read them. I felt like I had been sitting on my feet for hours and when I stood up my feet had fallen asleep and I couldn’t walk. Cursive is the sitting, it’s comforting to me and relaxing whereas printing felt as awkward as that first minute back on my feet. My hand didn’t want to draw the characters, but after some practice I could finally get use to it again. I still didn’t like it, though it was well linked with the task at hand.

Printing is good for the writing we have to do, when we don’t get a say in what we write, like filling out forms and taking down orders. Cursive feels so smooth and connected that it seems to be the only way of writing down thoughts and feelings. It’s not just the letters being drawn to be understood, but more the word and the meaning it has in context. The loops and squiggles, no matter how messy or neat are just part of what is being written, and I feel as though that allows my creative, mindful side freedom. I have to see how each letter fits together, like how each thought fits together.

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