My hands are sweaty. Nervous like a mouse caught in a cats paws. All I want to do is run away. On the floor, my left foot lost feeling. I wanted to move and fix it, but I couldn’t, I felt trapped. I finally moved to the seat where my hands felt electric and like magnets. I was terrified to leave them touching because I thought they would make so much electricity that they would explode. Then both my feel lost all weight. They were floating above the ground and were bound to take the rest of me to the ceiling. I wanted to press them down but I had no feeling or control. Then the room began to spin, like I was caught in a tornado. I was scared I would never get out and be stuck sitting there forever. It took all my strength to  unclench my hands, shoulders, stomach, butt, and legs, and to keep myself from running out. I knew I was going to explode if I did not move soon. Thank goodness I could start writing. It is like my unlikely savior from my own mind that I so badly want to run from. All this makes me thirsty. So tired, I need sleep.

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